Cancun Special Vacation Packages

March 15th, 2010

Indulge yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience with great vacation packages in Cancun Palace All Inclusive Hotel. There are lots of historic and beautiful places to visit with the whole family.

When looking for a great vacation package for family and friends, Cancun in Mexico has a lot to offer. Experience snorkeling, whale and dolphin watching, and kayaking. Visit popular tourist attractions, resorts, hotels and other accommodations.

Cancun is full of fabulous and historic landmarks. There’s the sacred ruins of Tulum in the streets of Playa del Carmen, and the ruins of Chicken Its in the east of Mirada (the capital Yucatan in Mexico). Get a chance to climb the world’s most famous Kukulkan pyramid in the ancient city of Mayan.

Cancun tour packages include air transport, entrance tickets to destinations, and resort/hotel accommodation.

One of the best places to stay in Cancun is the Cancun Palace All Inclusive Hotel. It is located at the edge of Caribbean Sea and Nicupte Lagoon in the middle of Mexico City. The hotel is a common favorite to tourists with a brilliant white sandy beach nearby.

They have 601 beautiful guestrooms all with full view of the lagoon and the ocean from the private balconies.

Staying in Cancun Palace will be memorable. The ambience, the amenities, the recreational facilities will all make one’s stay an experience to remember.

Hotel amenities include:

? 1 outdoor pool with kiddies section available at kids club
? 3 outdoor Jacuzzi
? 2 swim-up bars with sun lounge

Spa and fitness center

? Sauna and team bath
? Beauty salon
? Tennis courts, billiards, ping-pong, and other table games
? Kids Club, Teen Club daily with activities
? Nightly theme parties
? Concierge and Bell staff service
? Gift shop, jewelry store, business center, travel agency
? Conference Facilities
? car rental
? Doctor on call 24 hours
? Ice machines and vending machines
? High-speed Internet Access
? Meeting/banquet facilities
? Handicapped rooms/facilities
? Free Breakfast
? Restaurant

Hotel rooms features:

Superior Deluxe guestrooms with private balcony and double Jacuzzi tub with complimentary Farouk bath amenities and toiletries, plump bathrobes, slippers and hair dryers, rooms are fully-furnished with 1 king or 2 double-sized beds, mini bar with domestic beer, sodas and bottled water, liquor dispenser, coffee maker, digital safe, remote control flat screen LCD television with satellite, and one direct dial telephone line.


There are a lot of fine dining restaurants, bars and steak houses in the Hotel that serve various and exquisite delicacies. Dine at El Mercado Cuisine for international breakfast, lunch and dinner in buffet style. Leonardo Cuisine serves Italian style dinner. Frida Cuisine serves Mexican breakfast, lunch and dinner. Miyako Cuisine is famous for its oriental dishes.

For a taste of night life, visit the Pool Bars, Beach Bar, and Terraza Bar. The Lobby Bar has live musical entertainment every night.

Function Rooms:

Cancun Palace All Inclusive also have the facilities for meetings, conference and other gatherings in its fully-air conditioned convention center, meeting rooms and business center. All rooms are equipped with computers with free Internet connection, fax services and copier machines.

David H. Urmann

Tips For A Successful Home Office Workplace

March 12th, 2010

Working from home is more profitable than working from office. In the city areas it is too difficult to travel in the traffic to the office as it gives more stress and strain to the mind and the body. So every body want to earn more money with no strain and stress.

A home office provides money as well as reduces the strain. For a home office to be more functional it is important that one has make few rules and regulations of his own. He should never mix the papers at home and office. He should maintain such that one side of the desk is used to keep invoices, and other important household papers and the other side is used for work purpose.

Good working place:

The first and the foremost thing are to plan the workspace. It should b free from noise. The working place should be neat and clean. It should also be well organized. There should be enough places to keep the required materials. It should have enough jacks and electrical outlets to meet the needs of the various pieces of office equipments, which include computer, fax machine, printer, scanner, telephone, copier and other such equipments.

Also there should be place to store paper, office supplies, files and many other things. There should be separate cabinets for different documents and files. The furniture should match with the size of the workspace and they should be comfortable to work. There should also be chairs for the visitors. There should be proper ventilation.


Cleaning is done to reorganize the office. Every week the workspace should be cleaned. The unwanted clutter or messy items should be eliminated. Care should be taken to the required equipments like folders, computers, telephones scanners, and other such equipments mechanically than using chemicals. To clean these things a microfiber cloth can be used instead of feather duster.

The floor should be cleaned with cleansers. The furniture should be cleaned because dust may get settled. Before cleaning all the electronic equipments are disconnected, as they could be dangerous. Compressed air can be used to clean the keyboard.

Use office for office use only

Though the office is at home it still should be separate from the home. It should have a separate environment. One should be very strict with the usage of office materials. There are chances of mixing of the home records with the office records, so one should be very careful.

Proper Use of home office

The home office should be used properly. The equipments that are used in the office are highly expensive so they should be taken care properly. They should not be used for unnecessary reasons. The house work should never be mixed with the office work. It creates a messy office.

For good results at office the resources are used properly to the maximum level. The documents and the files are maintained separately. If the office used just for fun and not for progress it becomes highly impossible for one to improve. So the office should be used properly.

There should be a track of all the incoming and outgoing expenditure. The office should not become a playing place for the kids at home because kids may destroy the set up.

Merits for proper usage of home office

It saves time and money. There are no hard and fast rules. So it is easy to work. The self confidence level is increased. It reduces the stress and strain. Using a home office for only office use increases the productivity and efficiency.

By proper usage of the office one learns to works in a planned manner and very hard. By using office for office use creates a working environment. By not combining office and home work together reduces the chances of loosing important documents.

Allan Wilson

Dot Matrix Printers Are Not a Blast From the Past

March 12th, 2010

Everyone jumps onboard for the latest and greatest technology has to offer. This is no more true that in the printer market. Color photo printers have been a growth market for years. While continuing to drop in price, many of these wonders of the modern technological age no longer even need a computer to be connected to print your photos directly from your digital camera. These print marvels can direct connect using a common USB connection or simply remove the flash memory card from the camera and place it into the printer.

While the growth of laser printing for the office and color photography printing is undeniable, there’s a older technology that’s critical to running many of the day to day business operations throughout the country. It’s considered by many who don’t understand the critical nature this technology as nothing more than obsolete.

for all the fantastic technology offered in todays laser, color and photo quality printers, there’s 1 thing that none of them have been able to do. This one thing is absolutely critical to business and hasn’t been replaced in decades. We’re talking of course about the ability to do multiple forms.

And that technology is the lowly dot matrix printer. Now don’t laugh. Businesses who deal with the public typically need 1 or more copies of completed forms. These forms have historically been written out by hand and would still need to be done manually if not for the dot matrix printing technology.

Here’s why:

A laser printer, which uses high voltage, and iron oxide to place the letters on a sheet of paper. It uses high temperature but the printing head doesn’t actually touch the paper itself.

Photo and color copiers use a series of inkjet nozzles to spray the correct colors onto the sheet of paper to create the letters and pictures.

Although very simplistic explanations, the thing to remember is that neither technology comes in direct physical contact with the paper.

Dot Matrix on the other hand modified the technology of the old typewriters. That is, a dot matrix uses a printing ribbon and actually comes in direct contact with the paper. Therefore, a multiple copy form can be printer on a dot matrix printer without a problem.

One of the common complaints about dot matrix printing has been the lack of “letter quality.” To this end the industry, lead by Okidata, developed a 24 contact pin print head that delivers very acceptable printing.

Although the dot matrix printer should probably not be considered as a replacement for your laser printer at the office, recognize that it’s far from obsolete and plays an important role in many businesses throughout the country.

Abigail Franks

How Bluetooth Technology Has Changed The Way We Communicate

March 12th, 2010

The advances in technology in the past century have been extraordinary. From simple local communication abilities, to global, the world has been taking great strides in making technology a part of your daily life. The last few years have brought forth some truly unique technology, with the amount of wireless capabilities and products.

Bluetooth technology is by far at the front of the technological train. Bluetooth has changed the way we talk to people on phones from where we work. Some new products from Bluetooth have proved unique in that there are few like them.

Cell phones with bluetooth technology are completely wireless and compatible with your computer, PDA, Mp3 player, and now navigational system in your car. You no longer have to hold a phone and drive; the Bluetooth has allowed the phone to stay in your pocket as the car kit and phone become voice activated. If you would like to call someone you can simply speak the name and the phone will dial. You have the option of an earpiece and microphone or a system routed through your vehicles radio system. Whichever you choose this technology is sure to make talking on the phone much safer if you are driving.

Another interesting new technology with Bluetooth technology is the digital pen. The digital pen works with digital paper, writing just as you would with normal pens. You can simply write in your own handwriting on the digital paper and then place the pen in its home by your computer. The computer will upload the images from the pen right on to your computer. These pens may prove very handy for artists who would like to preserve some of the ideas they have without having to mess with a copier and scanner. The digital pen will also be useful for signature pages, you will not have to print and sign anymore, and you can sign the digital paper and upload on your computer with a touch of a button.

For navigational purposes there is nothing like the new product TomTom. This product has Bluetooth technology to give the most accurate directions available. With satellite navigation, it is currently in use in both Europe and North America. You can speak to the navigational system asking for directions to wherever you are going and TomTom will guide the way. No more time spent driving around lost or skipping the scenic route due to the chances of becoming lost. TomTom is so simple to use even a small child can operate it and get directions.

When you are in the market for new unique technological products Bluetooth has many to choose from. The advancement of wireless services is making life easier and more products accessible to people around the world.

Gregg Hall

Designing Your Home Office For Your New Home Business

March 9th, 2010

No matter what field your new business is in, you will need a home office. Perhaps you already have one, provided by your former employer. Or maybe you need to start from scratch. Either way, your office will be the nexus of your new company, so plan the design carefully.

There are many essentials that are basic to every home office. The computer is perhaps the most important. As the heart of your business, the computer must be up to date and reasonably powerful.

It is not necessary to purchase the most expensive, however you should make sure that you can meet or exceed the system requirements for the software you will purchase. No less than 512 MB of RAM, a Pentium or similar processor with a clock speed of no lower than 2 GHz, and a 3D enabled graphics card should be considered minimum requirements.

Another essential for the home office is a fax machine. Though e-mail is becoming more and more common, many business situations still require the use of a fax. A very practical and cost effective solution is the all-in-one. Combining a fax machine, copier, scanner, and printer in one machine, these devices save both space and money over purchasing components separately.

You will need a way for your electronic devices to communicate with each other. Many devices are now able to communicate wirelessly, from printers to keyboards and mice, allowing you maximum convenience in office layout.

Connecting wirelessly also allows you to place devices in more than one room. The disadvantage of wireless networking is that it tends to be somewhat more expensive than wired connectivity.

You will also need a variety of office furnishings. A comfortable desk chair will save your back. Rolling chairs are convenient but certainly not required. Your desk will need to accommodate your monitor and other devices, and storage space would be a convenience. General office supplies such as pens and paper clips should be within easy reach when seated at your desk.

A filing cabinet is highly recommended, to organize both your business information and your client files. The filing cabinet should have a locking capability. For maximum security a heavy metal fireproof filing cabinet is the ideal, however these are expensive. A mid-range filing cabinet will usually suffice at the beginning.

A shredder is an often-overlooked but highly necessary component to a home office. Identity theft is rampant, and simply shredding sensitive documents is an easy first line of defense. Remember to shred both company documents and client files.

Your home office will be the heart of your new business. Proper design is important. Your new setup should be functional and ergonomic, as well as pleasing to your eye. A bit of planning and initial investment will net you an office that will suit your needs for years to come.

John Edmond

Did You Know You Might Be Throwing Money Away !

March 9th, 2010

Did you know that some laser printer cartridges are worth over $20.00 each? Many people are throwing money down the drain. I’ll tell you how you can make money or even start a part or full time business. The cartridge remanufacturing business is growing by leaps and bounds. There are now Franchises setting up businesses across the US By the thousands. Empty ink and toner cartridges are in high demand and the demand is growing rapidly even some of the small ink cartridge empties are selling for $6.00. Some empty toner cartridges are worth over $20.00.

There are companies that specialize in buying empty toner cartridges. You can easily find them by doing a search on Goggle or any Search Engine. Just type in Cartridge recyclers and several will show up. Some of the companies will even give you a business plan and tell you the best methods for collecting the empties. Typically they will buy in small or large quantities. Sign up is free and they will have a price list that you can print out. This is one business that you can start with virtually no money.
Not all cartridges are suitable for recycling. Type one has the print head built into the cartridge this is the one to collect as they are the expensive ones suitable for recycling .You can tell these by the brass colored electronics on the back of the cartridge and the brass colored print head Type two is just a plastic container with a sponge in it. Ink is injected into the sponge these are very inexpensive to produce and several companies make compatible cartridges that is very inexpensive. Hewlett Packard and Lexmark are the main one that you will need to find. Lexmark makes many printers for other companies like Compaq and Xerox for example. So these are the good ones also The ones to ignore are Epsons, Brothers, most Canons and some Xerox cartridges. I have found one company that takes Epson’s.
So far we have been talking mostly about ink cartridges. There’s probably more money to be made in recycling the toner cartridges. These are the cartridges used in laser printers and many businesses use as well as some home printers almost all of these are recyclable. You can get a list from the company you sign up with. You can companioned with a recycling company to stockpile and recycle empty printer inkjet cartridges, and empty toner cartridges from laser printers and copiers. For every empty cartridge that is sent, you will receive you payment and usually All shipping supplies and fees are pre-paid by the recycling company so there is no cost to you.
Nearly a million “empties” are thrown away in the United States every day, so they shouldn’t be hard to find. Don’t hesitate to be creative! Here are a few examples of how some people have gotten involved. A member in Ohio ordered a tabletop baggie aerosol dispenser and printed several of them She made a small display in the waiting room of her dentist’s office promoting awareness and support . A family in New Jersey has been gathering empty toner cartridges and inkjets from the local school district. There are several buildings in the district and they all use printers and copiers. They collect the empties every week or so from the schools and send them in. To date, they have gathered and shipped ended 1,000 empties! Several people have taken collection boxes to their work place. Generally, people are very supportive of the recycling effort and are excited to participate.
Why recycle cartridges? Recycling unceasingly large amounts of plastics outof landfills. Every year over 300 million cartridges are thrown away. This means for year-end cartridge, about 2.5 pounds of plastic is thrown into a landfill. It will never go away! Recycling saves natural resources. To imagine a single new laser cartridge, over 3 quarts of oil are used. In contrast, a recycled cartridge only requires 1 quart of oil to be able to be reused. Recycling saves two quarts of oil per cartridge. This year alone, toner cartridge remanufacturing will save over eleven million (11,000,000) gallons of oil.

Richard Sherland–56086.html

Why are There Lines on My Copies?

March 9th, 2010

Why are there Lines on my Copies? (And How to Get Rid of Them!)

Have you ever made a copy and noticed that there are lines running down the length of the page? This article is about identifying image defects or lines that a Key-Operator (Person responsible for the equipment.) can fix on their own and lines that need a repair person to fix. You wouldn’t want to spend $75.00 to $150.00 for a technician to come out to just clean your glass, would you? No, I didn’t think so.

Slit Glass With the age of Multi-Functional Printers, (MFP’s) comes new problems. Fax Machines, Digital Copiers and MFP’s all have one thing in common. They all have an item on them known as the “Slit Glass.” Each machine that uses a slit glass as a way to scan images will eventually get dirty and cause lines on copies along with transmitted faxes. These machines don’t scan the same way that older or analog copiers do. Analog copiers use the entire glass with mirrors to get the image to the Photoconductor. Digital copiers use the slit glass. It passes along this small area and uses mirrors that direct it to the CCD unit. The CCD unit then converts the analog information into digital information. When using the Document Feeder or Processor the original only passes over the slit glass. It does not get copied from glass where you lay down your original.

How to Determine if the Slit Glass is the Problem. On Copiers, MFP’s and Fax Machines you can quickly diagnose if the slit glass is the problem.

copiers: First make a copy on the glass. If there are no lines showing, then make a copy through the Document Feeder or Processor. If there are lines on the copy then more than likely it is the Slit Glass causing the problem. I say more than likely because there are occasions where this may not be true.

Fax Machines and MFP’s: First print a journal or a function list. To print these refer to your Operators Manual. If you don’t have a line, make a copy through the Document Feeder or Processor. If there are lines then your problem is the slit glass.

Digital Copiers and MFPs This type of slit glass is easy to spot. Just lift the Document Feeder up and look for the small rectangular glass around 1 inch by 12 inches. Look at it carefully. If there is anything stuck on it, this will cause a line. The Image defect will look like a small pin sized line all the way across the page, although I’ve seen larger even 1 inch wide. The most common substance that I have found stuck to the glass is white-out. This happens because they don’t let it dry well before running it through the feeder. When it dries on the glass it doesn’t come off easily. Another issue is blobs of ink, again this is because of not allowing enough time for it to dry. Being impatient actually will cost you more time in the long run.

Cleaning the Slit Glass. Cleaning the slit glass is easy but you need to pay close attention and be sure that you have removed all of it. Take your finger nail and scrape off as much as you can. Get a cotton towel and saturate it with alcohol. I also recommend using an alcohol swab. These come in little sealed pouches and are inexpensive and easy to find. Let the spot soak for a minute and this will loosen up the white out. Glass cleaner does not remove it as good as alcohol. There is something about alcohol that breaks down the white out. Next, go over it with a lint free cotton towel soaked with glass cleaner, and then dry it off to eliminate streaks. Never spray the liquid on to the glass because some of it may find its way inside the machine.

Fax Machines. The slit glass on a fax machine may be a bit harder to get to. The document feeder or processor is normally under the control panel. Lift up the panel and shine a flash light on to the small slit glass. It is about 1 inch by 12 inches in diameter. Use the same technique to clean it.

You Cleaned the Slit- Glass but the Line is Still There. Some times the blob of white out is really stuck on the slit glass. I have a procedure that is fool proof in finding where the spot is, because sometimes it is so small that you can’t see it. First, get the copy that has the line on it. Hold it directly and evenly on the slit glass. Look carefully and see if you can follow the line to the glass. This is where the spot is. One thing about this procedure. You must check it both ways. Turn the original 180 degrees and inspect it again because the image is reversed because of the lens. Now that you have found the spot you may have to use a solvent to get that spot off. These can be stubborn and difficult to remove. You can try WD-40. My technicians use a solvent called D-Ink (Coopers). D-Ink is very expensive but it works well. If you still have the line on your copies then you have another problem.

Calling for Service Call a qualified repair person to come out and take a look. I recommend using a local independent repair company. Look them up in your Yellow Pages. I recommend an Independent because they usually are a smaller company and they will give you more personalized service. I hate those crazy phone systems, being stuck in a loop when trying to call for service. Most of the time they also have more experience and you won’t be paying for over- inflated hourly rates of an authorized dealer or huge corporation.

Other Line Problems If you followed my tests and you have a line both copying from the glass and using the Document Feeder then you have another problem. I believe that it is always a good idea to have a good technician ready to call, but why spend money when it is something so simple anyone could do it. Here is a list of probable causes. Many things could be wrong so I am not going to go in too much in detail.

Possible Causes / Lines

Laser Printers, Laser and LED Fax Machines Toner cartridge, Charge roller, paper or object stuck inside blocking the scanner, transfer roller, optics, and corona wire. Note: You can clean these but if you don’t know what you are doing you can damage something.

Inkjet Printers and Fax machines Print head, Ink cartridge, dirty optics, paper or object stuck up inside machine blocking the print-head or optics.

Copier and MFP’s Toner cartridge, Charge roller, paper or object stuck inside blocking the scanner, transfer roller, corona wire, and dirty optics. Note: You can clean these but if you don’t know what you are doing you may damage something.

I hope this article has helped you save some of your hard earned money. There really is no reason to spend money when you can just clean it yourself!

Bill Tucker

How To Find Printers That Will Do All Your Printing Jobs In One Machine

March 3rd, 2010

How many times have you been at home and wished you had a copier? Chances are you can think of an instance when having a copier at home would have been nice. If you had had a copier you wouldn’t have had to leave the house and waste time, or even money making your needed copies.


If you run a small business from home you may have the need not only for a copier and printer, but also a fax machine and scanner. If you have priced each of these items you know how expensive they can get. Buying each of these machines also takes up lots of room that you may not have.


The good news is that you can now purchase all in one printers that save both space and money. You can buy a machine that combines two, three or even all four functions into one. These machines are surprisingly small and are easy to install. You can purchase one of these machines at your local store without spending a lot of money. You may also want to check online before you make your purchase. The Internet tends to offer you a large selection at competitive prices.


When pricing these machines make sure you pay attention to any shipping and handling costs that may be charged. You also need to keep in mind the quality of the machine you are purchasing. You may need to spend a few extra dollars to get a good quality machine, but it will be worth it in the end. Whether you use your machine for running a business or even for personal use, you need a machine that is going to do its job well.

Three in One

When purchasing your all in one machine look at all your options. You can choose if you want three function or four all in one machine. Assess your needs to see which is more reasonable for you. A printer, scanner, copier tends to run around $100. The price may vary depending on the brand of machine you decide to purchase.

Four in One

If you can afford to spend a little more you can purchase a machine that includes a fax machine. If you are not sure if you will need a fax machine we suggest getting it anyway. You never know when you may need a fax machine, and it does not cost much more than the three in one machine.

Having a fax machine for a business would be helpful. Think of how much you spend to overnight documents to someone. Now think how much easier it would be to just fax them the information. Faxing the information would cost less money, and they would get it faster. Having the all in one machine would also save you time because you could do everything from home.

Gregg Hall

Don’t Cry Over Spilt Toner!

March 3rd, 2010

Toner Spills, Clean Up and Prevention

Nothing is more aggravating then pulling the tab off of a toner cartridge and having it spill everywhere! In this article, you will learn what to do after a toner spill and what not to do. Also, we talk about prevention. This is really the object of the lesson. Preventing toner spills.

Using the Chicopee Stretch and Dust Towel These amazing yellow towels have a multitude of uses and can be used over and over again. Just stretch it and wipe up the toner spill. Use it to clean dust off of your copier, fax machine or printer, even your computer screen. Note: I am not trying to sell these towels, they just work so well! You can use a regular cotton towel if you would like.

Investment When a business buys a piece of equipment it is an investment. This investment should be cared for and maintained and it will give you many years of trouble-free use. In addition to having a qualified technician perform preventative maintenance on your equipment, I believe that the customer can play a key role in helping a machine run smooth and have a more trouble-free existence. Keeping your equipment clean on the outside and the inside can go a long way in doing this.

Big Spills Big spills may require that you call your service repair person. Some people try to vacuum the spill up but I warn against this. This is because of the small particle size of the toner. This will just blow through a standard vacuum bag and really cause a mess. A good technician carries a 3m vacuum designed for the small powder and traps it in the filter.

Toner Spills

Toner on the cover If you spill a small amount of toner on your cover and you think it’s a bit much for your Towel then I would do this. Get a piece of paper and use it like a dust pan. Use a small brush and you can just sweep it on to the paper and fold it up and throw it away in a trash can with a good liner. Afterward clean the rest with your towel.

Toner on your clothes If you get some toner on your clothes, don’t panic! DO NOT use any type of liquid to try and wipe it off. This will only make it smear and ruin your clothes. First, get your towel and hit the stain like you used to hit people with your towel at camp. Wipe the rest with a clean dry cloth and when you get home, throw it in the washer. The stain will come out.

On the Carpet If you get a small amount on the carpet go ahead and use your standard vacuum cleaner. This small amount won’t hurt anything.

Inside your Machine Use your towel to clean the paper path inside of your machine. Be careful not to break a sensor lever. You should use a flashlight to see if there are any that stick up. If you break one of these then you will need to call a repair person. Cleaning the inside is a good preventative measure. In a laser printer, paper dust and contaminates will get caught up inside the toner cartridge and lesson the life of the drum blade. This causes streaks and other problems.


Opening Toner This is when a lot of spills occur. The manufacturers of all toners recommend that you shake it well before installation. (I am not saying not to shake it. In fact if you don’t shake it on some models it is possible that you might break the augers inside of the cartridge.) This loosens up the toner so that it flows well into your machine, but it also causes the toner to expand. When you release the tab (Only on some models) the toner will shoot out. Next time try to hold the cartridge over the trash can with a good liner. Then if any shoots out it will be in the trash can.

Remove toner with a towel underneath Another spill I see a lot of is toner spilt on the front cover of copiers and other office equipment. What I recommend is putting your towel down on your cover where the spill occurs. This is likely right under the area that the toner slides in. Then, after you’re done, take the towel away and it’s nice and clean. Something about toner, if you leave it on covers and don’t clean it, it then gets embedded in the cover because of the heat of the machine. The toner actually fuses to the cover and you can’t get it off.

Conclusion Just taking a little preventative action can really keep your machine looking and running like new.

Bill Tucker

Service Contracts – Part 2, Fax Machines

March 3rd, 2010

Welcome to Part II of our three part series on service contracts. This article covers service contracts on high volume laser fax machines. Service contracts on high volume fax machines are much different than service contracts on a copy machines.

The difference is that fax machines are not billed by cost per copy. If you read my previous article “Service Contracts on Copiers,” then you know that cost per copy means that you are billed each time you make a copy. Fax machine service contracts are billed differently.

Understanding what is covered and what is not covered is very important to find out before you purchase a service contract on your fax machine. Most fax machine service contracts are billed annually and the supplies are normally not covered. Many service contracts do not include toner, drums or heat rollers. Many service companies will sell you supplies at a discounted rate as long as you are continuing to keep your machine on contract. They also may add an additional charge to cover circuit boards.

You can also purchase a “cleaning only contract.” You can purchase two or three cleanings or service calls per year in advance at a discounted rate. This way you keep your machine clean and if you run into trouble and you need to place a service call you will save money.

I always recommend installing a high quality surge protector on all copiers, fax machines and laser printers. This will protect your machine from power surges that could destroy your machine. Some surge protector companies have a guarantee that covers your machine if their surge protector does protect your machine against a high voltage surge.

Service contracts are similar to an insurance policy. They may or may not save you money. Many companies do not purchase service contracts on fax machines because they don’t cover everything as copier contracts do. They service their machine(s) on a per call basis. You will have to decide for yourself or your company if you will purchase a service contract for your fax machine.

Look for my next article in this series. “Service Contracts – Part III, Laser Printers.”

Bill Tucker