Canon Toner Cartridges

Canon’s reputation for implementing a product that maximises your printer’s performance is unparalleled by no other printer supply manufacturer.

We often take care in purchasing a reliable printer that is sure to offer the highest quality of images and documents in order to maintain professionalism whether at home or work. Although the quality of the printer is paramount we often disregard the fact that the quality of the ink has a huge impact on the finished result.

The Enigma and history of ink dates back to the Egyptians and the Chinese in 2500. B.C when it was made from fine particles of carbon called lampblack for the colorant. Nowadays the ink is a chemical formulation with various specific properties in mind in order to achieve maximum staying power as well as optimum clarity and precision.

This type of technology occurs in Canon’s labs and brought to us specifically for our Canon products. In 1982 they were the pioneers of all-in-one toner cartridges both for personal copiers and laser printers, and also pioneered the first toner cartridge recycling program in 1990.
Canon Toner can offer you the following;-

Cheaper alternatives to the genuine Canon toner do not ensure the production of sharp, smooth and clean printouts that Canon produces.

By buying genuine Canon toner your images and documents are guaranteed to be of a professional print quality and due to the replacement of certain components when you replace your Canon toner your machine will perform as if it were new.

When you purchase a printer or fax machine or copier you hope it is a product that is built to last and continuously produce the level of quality you desire. This can only be achieved however by only allowing genuine Canon toner to work in synergy with your Canon printer.

If you’re looking for a product that offers you some of the best results on the market, than Canon Toner is a must.

David Gabbitas

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  1. blevinsab Says:

    Do any companies buy empty Canon GPR-23 toner cartridges?
    I did an online search and it seems the top online cartridge buyers are not interested in this model. Thanks in advance.

  2. Colinc Says:

    Nobody wants to buy any of the common types, they only want to exchange for re-filled ones. They will, however take them for recycling, relieving you of any legal liability for disposing of them.
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  3. Primo2316 Says:

    I only know that Staples issues credits for empty toner cartridges. I’m going to check with them because I’m sitting on dozens of NEW toner cartridges from older printers, fax machines, etc. Good luck and God bless.
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