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Technology makes it possible for professionals to manage, perform, and monitor various tasks efficiently and more effectively using a single device or equipment. Since the beginning of the digital era, doing business transactions has never been easy and fun. If you are still one of the very few people still juggling their countless works and home tasks using old and grumpy apparatus then I suggest you look at the items below and your life will never be the same again…


Imagine your fax machine, photo copier, scanner, printer, and phone all combined in a single unit. You can save so much money, space, and most importantly free yourself from the trouble of setting, configuring, maintaining and repairing all these units. Most mulifunctions currently offered in the market have all or some of the typical office business products such as the abovementioned equipment. Popular manufactures of multifunctions are Panasonic, Xerox, Canon, Lexmark, Philips, Sharp and Epson. With multifunctions, everything you need to do your business is all in one place.


Any presentation, be it a product demo, annual report meeting, or company event, will never be successful without an effective and creative visual effects. Most projectors are very handy and portable. A presenter can effortlessly persuade his audience about something because of what is projected in front of them. Projectors also make it possible for a huge number of viewers to see clearly what is being presented even if they are seated quite a distance away from the presenter.


Almost everything right now is done online. From reading important business messages, confirming client meetings, checking daily sales to inventory tracking, the internet ensures we can d business anytime and anywhere we are. And that is the reason why PDA’s have become popular and a must-to-have gadget for every professional individual who is constantly on the go. With a PDA, important files and contacts are only a click away. One can read and send emails, access important websites, organize files and documents without the need to reach the office, manage people’s addresses and contact numbers and even find the shortest route to an unknown meeting place. Isn’t it great?

Voice recorders

Modern models of  voice recorders come with special features such as voice recognition, joining and splitting of files, uploading of voice files, advanced security settings, and easy connection to other devices such as your persona computer. Years ago, voice recorders are simply used to document voice files but now you can use it to do other tasks which were normally done using other devices. Its name shouldn’t be voice recorder anymore!

Ronaldo Fisher

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  1. Stevie Says:

    What digital products to sell as a business?
    Hi all,
    I have a system of being able to sell digital products such as mp3 files, eBooks, porn (if that sells!) etc through a website that takes secure payments and delivers the goods to the buyer’s computer through a download. This is a website I have recently made so has little publicity and web traffic.
    What I am struggling with is what to sell and how to know what will sell?
    My website does not have the high volume of traffic that would warrant selling other people’s digital files – at least without doing a lot of work promoting the website and "optimising" the site with the search engines.
    The alternative, therefore, is to sell those products which would be in high demand, LEGALLY.
    My question, guys and gals, is what would those products be?
    Many thanks

  2. Labella Says:

    Steve this is the hottest product on the net now:
    good luck
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  3. sarah_a67 Says:

    No no no don’t go for those affiliate programs, they’re most likely to be scams. If you have to make your own products, maybe write eBooks or record mp3s? It depends. Have a think about what you’re good at, what you KNOW a lot about, etc. Do some market research and find out what customers want and who your customers will be. Hope this helps.
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  4. golden duck Says:

    You can use softwares like to find products which are going to be a hit in the near future, so that you can beat your competitors.
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