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Tips For A Successful Home Office Workplace

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Working from home is more profitable than working from office. In the city areas it is too difficult to travel in the traffic to the office as it gives more stress and strain to the mind and the body. So every body want to earn more money with no strain and stress.

A home office provides money as well as reduces the strain. For a home office to be more functional it is important that one has make few rules and regulations of his own. He should never mix the papers at home and office. He should maintain such that one side of the desk is used to keep invoices, and other important household papers and the other side is used for work purpose.

Good working place:

The first and the foremost thing are to plan the workspace. It should b free from noise. The working place should be neat and clean. It should also be well organized. There should be enough places to keep the required materials. It should have enough jacks and electrical outlets to meet the needs of the various pieces of office equipments, which include computer, fax machine, printer, scanner, telephone, copier and other such equipments.

Also there should be place to store paper, office supplies, files and many other things. There should be separate cabinets for different documents and files. The furniture should match with the size of the workspace and they should be comfortable to work. There should also be chairs for the visitors. There should be proper ventilation.


Cleaning is done to reorganize the office. Every week the workspace should be cleaned. The unwanted clutter or messy items should be eliminated. Care should be taken to the required equipments like folders, computers, telephones scanners, and other such equipments mechanically than using chemicals. To clean these things a microfiber cloth can be used instead of feather duster.

The floor should be cleaned with cleansers. The furniture should be cleaned because dust may get settled. Before cleaning all the electronic equipments are disconnected, as they could be dangerous. Compressed air can be used to clean the keyboard.

Use office for office use only

Though the office is at home it still should be separate from the home. It should have a separate environment. One should be very strict with the usage of office materials. There are chances of mixing of the home records with the office records, so one should be very careful.

Proper Use of home office

The home office should be used properly. The equipments that are used in the office are highly expensive so they should be taken care properly. They should not be used for unnecessary reasons. The house work should never be mixed with the office work. It creates a messy office.

For good results at office the resources are used properly to the maximum level. The documents and the files are maintained separately. If the office used just for fun and not for progress it becomes highly impossible for one to improve. So the office should be used properly.

There should be a track of all the incoming and outgoing expenditure. The office should not become a playing place for the kids at home because kids may destroy the set up.

Merits for proper usage of home office

It saves time and money. There are no hard and fast rules. So it is easy to work. The self confidence level is increased. It reduces the stress and strain. Using a home office for only office use increases the productivity and efficiency.

By proper usage of the office one learns to works in a planned manner and very hard. By using office for office use creates a working environment. By not combining office and home work together reduces the chances of loosing important documents.

Allan Wilson

Designing Your Home Office For Your New Home Business

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

No matter what field your new business is in, you will need a home office. Perhaps you already have one, provided by your former employer. Or maybe you need to start from scratch. Either way, your office will be the nexus of your new company, so plan the design carefully.

There are many essentials that are basic to every home office. The computer is perhaps the most important. As the heart of your business, the computer must be up to date and reasonably powerful.

It is not necessary to purchase the most expensive, however you should make sure that you can meet or exceed the system requirements for the software you will purchase. No less than 512 MB of RAM, a Pentium or similar processor with a clock speed of no lower than 2 GHz, and a 3D enabled graphics card should be considered minimum requirements.

Another essential for the home office is a fax machine. Though e-mail is becoming more and more common, many business situations still require the use of a fax. A very practical and cost effective solution is the all-in-one. Combining a fax machine, copier, scanner, and printer in one machine, these devices save both space and money over purchasing components separately.

You will need a way for your electronic devices to communicate with each other. Many devices are now able to communicate wirelessly, from printers to keyboards and mice, allowing you maximum convenience in office layout.

Connecting wirelessly also allows you to place devices in more than one room. The disadvantage of wireless networking is that it tends to be somewhat more expensive than wired connectivity.

You will also need a variety of office furnishings. A comfortable desk chair will save your back. Rolling chairs are convenient but certainly not required. Your desk will need to accommodate your monitor and other devices, and storage space would be a convenience. General office supplies such as pens and paper clips should be within easy reach when seated at your desk.

A filing cabinet is highly recommended, to organize both your business information and your client files. The filing cabinet should have a locking capability. For maximum security a heavy metal fireproof filing cabinet is the ideal, however these are expensive. A mid-range filing cabinet will usually suffice at the beginning.

A shredder is an often-overlooked but highly necessary component to a home office. Identity theft is rampant, and simply shredding sensitive documents is an easy first line of defense. Remember to shred both company documents and client files.

Your home office will be the heart of your new business. Proper design is important. Your new setup should be functional and ergonomic, as well as pleasing to your eye. A bit of planning and initial investment will net you an office that will suit your needs for years to come.

John Edmond

How To Find Printers That Will Do All Your Printing Jobs In One Machine

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

How many times have you been at home and wished you had a copier? Chances are you can think of an instance when having a copier at home would have been nice. If you had had a copier you wouldn’t have had to leave the house and waste time, or even money making your needed copies.


If you run a small business from home you may have the need not only for a copier and printer, but also a fax machine and scanner. If you have priced each of these items you know how expensive they can get. Buying each of these machines also takes up lots of room that you may not have.


The good news is that you can now purchase all in one printers that save both space and money. You can buy a machine that combines two, three or even all four functions into one. These machines are surprisingly small and are easy to install. You can purchase one of these machines at your local store without spending a lot of money. You may also want to check online before you make your purchase. The Internet tends to offer you a large selection at competitive prices.


When pricing these machines make sure you pay attention to any shipping and handling costs that may be charged. You also need to keep in mind the quality of the machine you are purchasing. You may need to spend a few extra dollars to get a good quality machine, but it will be worth it in the end. Whether you use your machine for running a business or even for personal use, you need a machine that is going to do its job well.

Three in One

When purchasing your all in one machine look at all your options. You can choose if you want three function or four all in one machine. Assess your needs to see which is more reasonable for you. A printer, scanner, copier tends to run around $100. The price may vary depending on the brand of machine you decide to purchase.

Four in One

If you can afford to spend a little more you can purchase a machine that includes a fax machine. If you are not sure if you will need a fax machine we suggest getting it anyway. You never know when you may need a fax machine, and it does not cost much more than the three in one machine.

Having a fax machine for a business would be helpful. Think of how much you spend to overnight documents to someone. Now think how much easier it would be to just fax them the information. Faxing the information would cost less money, and they would get it faster. Having the all in one machine would also save you time because you could do everything from home.

Gregg Hall

The Irc1021i Copier Bridges the Office Gap

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

The iRC102­1i was released by Canon in late October last year (2008). It has been designed specifically to provide small businesses and workgroups with the means to produce high quality co­­lour prints and copies without the expense of having to opt for a full size colour photocopier. With the current unstable economic climate­, many business are needing to find a way to have tighter controls over their print costs. However, it is still vital for most businesses to create professional documents. A powerful multifunctional colour device like the iRC1021i could help businesses keep a tight control over print costs whilst still being able to produce high impact colour prints.­

The iRC1021i has been­ made to help bridge the gap between desktop and colour printing, making it a favourable choice for offices that require features and colour printing that is more advanced than a desktop machine but do not have the need for a large A3 device. This device is also the first Canon photocopier of its size to include an embedded click counter, making it available for lease or rental contracts.

It is clear that at present many businesses are becoming cautious in their spending and trying to cut out any unnecessary costs. Choosing a device that is fully multifunctional can help manage printing costs as all necessary functions can be run from one device. Paper use can be more easily monitored and this can also prove to be more cost effective than running a printer, photocopier, fax machine or scanner all from separate devices. The iRC1021i has the ability to copy, scan, print and send, with an option to add a fax function. The send function is powered by i-send which allows documents to be scanned into the device and then sent electronically to an email address, fax, network folder­ or i-fax, helping to cut down on paper use.

The iRC1021i is also a favourable device for small offices wishing to reduce their power consumption. It has the lowest standby power consumption of any model in the colour photocopier range, just 1.2 watts stand-by power. This device also takes only 60 seconds to warm up from cold, something that cou­ld encourage people to switch the device off completely when not in use, helping to further save on energy costs. This new model, despite being so compact also contains the technology that has made the larger scale models so popular. Auto colour sensing can be found in the iRC1021i, which means that only the colour toner that is used is paid for.

It seems that the iRC1021i will be useful in reducing the gap between desktop and full colour printing to help small businesses and workgroups to find a way of producing professional A4 prints when they are needed from a space saving and affordable device.


Jennifer Chilton

The Convenience Of An All In One Printer

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Most people don’t like to have a boss, but not everyone can work on their own. But working from home can be fairly expensive. Anyone who has worked from home can attest to the high cost of home office equipment. Standard office equipment includes a fax machine to send and receive documents quickly, a copier for making multiple copies of paperwork, a scanner for uploading information, and a printer for a variety of paperwork-related tasks. Adding them all up can hit you hard in the wallet and clog up your workspace. Luckily for anyone with a home office, there is a simple solution: an all-in-one printer.

The greatest advantage of the all-in-one printer is that it integrates three sizable machines into one conveniently-sized device. The all-in-one printer can fit easily on the surface of a desk or shelf, freeing up surface space for other things. Installing the printer’s software is simple to do, with easy step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process. Finding an all-in-one printer is as effortless as a quick trip to an electronics store like Best Buy, Circuit City, or Radio Shack.

Alternatively, you can shop online to find an all-in-one printer that’s right for you. With so many currently available on the market, the competition between brands has made the prices fall greatly. Some reliable online stores include, and Each of these online businesses can offer product warranties that will protect your all-in-one printer from an early demise.

All-in-one printers usually sell for one hundred dollars or less, so the cost of the machine makes it a very practical investment for any home office. The added work space that the all-in-one printer allows you makes the purchase even more practical, because it helps you maximize your office’s usable space. The additional convenience of having three devices in one is yet another clear advantage of buying an all-in-one printer.

Some all-in-one printers come with bundled software that allows the printer to serve as a fax machine in addition to its printing, scanning and copying duties. Buying an all-in-one printer with faxing capabilities will cost a little more, but the added convenience of being able to send and receive documents from home can make the additional expense well worth it.

You can benefit from investing in an all-in-one printer, even if you don’t work from home running your own business. These all-in-one printers are perfect for anyone wanting to scan and save family photographs, make copies of personal documents, or print letters and greeting cards. All-in-one printers are inexpensive too, especially when comparing it to the combined prices of all the separate devices. Adding up the ease and convenience of owning one device that performs a variety of tasks makes obtaining one a practical and fine investment.

Joe Goertz

5 Reasons to Buy or not to Buy Multifunctional Printer for Your Home Office

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

If you wish to accomplish various functions at the cost of a single product-a multifunctional printer is just what you need. You can use a multifunctional printer to print, copy, fax and scan. Let’s go ahead and discuss the advantages of such a product.

It is small in size and big in function

A multifunctional printer is fairly small in size and does not occupy much space. It is ideal for your home office as it provides ample space to place your essential equipment.

It is multipurpose in nature

As the name well suggests, a multifunction printer is made to perform a variety of tasks. While the printer is a single entity, it has the ability to print, fax, copy and scan. It is a single machine which can provide a variety of functions.

It is flexible

A multipurpose printer is portable and can therefore be moved around with ease. There are times when you might need to shift the product to a smaller location, or, owing to shortage of space, place it in a corner. It is well adapted for such emergencies and can be placed at each workstation without occupying a lot of space.

It is scalable

Scalability is perhaps the biggest virtue of a multifunctional printer and this makes it all the more adorable printer for home office use. The machinery is tough and it is made to withstand hours of abuse.

These were the advantages of a multifunctional printer. Let’s now discuss some of its disadvantages.

Wrong Choice of Printer

While choosing a printer for your multifunctional set up, you have only two options. The first is a standard inkjet printer which uses magnetized plates to take a print out and the second is a laser printer which sends a laser beam to produce the desired effect. The disadvantage of choosing a relativity inexpensive inkjet over a laser printer is the lack of speed.

Compatibility with the operating system

Some printers are only compatible with a standard Windows set up while others prefer Mac. You need to choose a printer which is compatible with both as well as other OS like Linux.

Wrong Choice of Scanners

It has been noticed that while setting up a multifunctional printer, people tend to ignore their scanners and opt for a sheet bed scanner. Instead, go in for a flat bed model.

Copier instead of Analog

For a multifunctional set up, you need to choose a copier instead of an analog machine. It is faster and more efficient but some people refrain from doing so. Likewise, it has been noted that some people go in for an automatic paper feeder instead of a manual fed model.

Brenda Stokes